Femara (Letrozole)


Femara halts your breast cancer evolution
Breast cancer is the current hot favorite cancer afflicting women, more commonly those who underwent menopause. But, it does not mean that young women are exception to this clinical condition as the current trend shows more young women as its targets. But, there is absolutely no need to worry as Femara can potently manage this estrogen associated cancer condition and aid in mitigating its related symptoms.

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Femara 50mg

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Femara Action Mechanism
This cancer medication contains letrozole as its sole active metabolite that alone carries out the breast cancer rescue operation. The basic action employed by Femara is blocking the synthesis of estrogen, as this hormone is essential for progression of estrogen associated breast cancer. This is initiated by restricting the action of aromatase enzyme by binding to the cytochrome P450 heme group.

Femara Dosage The dosage of Femara is dependent on your response to the treatment procedure as well as the severity of the cancer condition. The dosage of 2.5 mg of this cancer medication is recommended to be taken on a daily basis by adult women afflicted with breast cancer to attain better life. Also, it is recommended not to take this drug with regard to meals and this forms a very important precautionary measure.

Femara Advantages 

The various features of Femara that contributed to its fame are its broad action efficiency, early rate of survival, intended reply rate of tumor and potent action against the disease cure. And, hence this medication has become the widely preferred breast cancer medication.

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