Zopiclone and the abuse caused due to sleeping tablet

Having a good sleeping pattern is no less than a blessing. Not a few, but most of the people do have insomnia and it becomes difficult for a person to deal with insomnia after some point. Usually, stress, workload, and many other things do contribute to insomnia. When such disorder occurs, it becomes necessary that one does know the symptoms of such disorder and then seek a diagnosis of it. When is diagnosed with such disorder, further treatment becomes easy and one can simply buy Zopiclone tablets and get insomnia treated. 

About the medicament

Zopiclone is sold under various brands and one of them is Imovane. This medicament belongs to non-benzodiazepine sedative and hypnotic group so that it can help to treat the disorder. Also, this medicament is available in tablet form due to which the consumption becomes easy. Also, this sleeping tablet is categorized as a Z drug group due to its medical use. 

Functions of the tablet 

This sleeping pill works on the central nervous system and helps the patient to get insomnia treated effectively. As soon as the Zopiclone is administrated it releases the GABA which makes the brain relax. Once the brain releases, the time is taken by a person to fall asleep reduces and helps the patient to have 7-8 hours of sleep. 

Signs and symptoms that indicate abuse due to sleeping aid

Zopiclone tablet if it is used in small quantities then it is very difficult to trace the abuse. As the doses do go up, the degrees of intoxication tend to become manifest and it is obvious with the increase in dose. People those who have abused due to this specific drug are likely to experience cognitive impairment, inability to focus and drowsiness and this happened only if you are using small quantities of the medicaments. 

People those who are using this medicament for a long time can have symptoms that include chest pain, nightmares, amnesia, constipation, abdominal pain, and heart palpitation. Some other symptoms can also be experienced, such as dizziness and depression.

Hence, one is recommended that they do use only the recommended dose and do not alter the doses as per their own convenience. 

Know the symptoms of addictions

People are recommended to order online Zopiclone 7.5mg only if they are prescribed. There are chances that one may get addicted to the use of this med and it is necessary that one must be aware of the symptoms that may occur after they get addicted. Below mentioned are the symptoms that indicate you are addicted to this med. 

1-2 day

After a day or two, you might start to feel anxious, irritated, and occasional spams can be experienced.  Also, your mood will be low and you may begin to feel nauseous. 

2-5 day

During the main phase, you are likely to feel nausea and indigestion. Also, the symptoms such as extreme restlessness, hallucination, constant intense craving, and the wildly oscillating mood are been experienced by the patient. 

5-14 days

Withdrawal symptoms start to fade in intensity after 5 days and the above-mentioned symptoms may still continue but less frequently. The sleep still might be disrupted and depression may set in. 


As mentioned, there is a lot of care to be taken while using meds such as Zopiclone.

  • The people prescribed to use this medicament need to avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • The use of other medicaments, especially anti-depressant tablets should be avoided as this can interact and result in side effects. 
  • Also, the use of the Zopiclone tablet should be made as mentioned. Overdose of the meds may lead to fatal results and hence the use of meds should be done only in the prescribed dose

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