Know the causes of having Impotence in men

Erectile dysfunction is referred as Impotence or ED and it is defined disorder that doesn’t allow men to have or maintain an erection. Men with erectile dysfunction are likely to have an erection that doesn’t help achieve satisfaction to the partner or men completely do not have erection simply. Even though some may have and some may not, the conditions that make these issues occur are similar in men. Men are introduced to meds such as online Generic Viagra 100mg, they need to know that only using the medicaments may not help them. There is a certain disorder that might affect the erection in men and hence it is necessary that one must aware of such conditions. 

Below mentioned are the few reasons due to which the erection in men gets affected. 


Age is one of the important factors that play a role behind having an erection. If men do have erectile dysfunction respective to age, then there are fewer chances of having it back again. After a certain age, man becomes unable to achieve the erection due to narrow arteries and blood vessels and this makes it difficult for them to have an erection. Blood flow not only affects the erection in men but also does have an effect on other underlying conditions. 

Sedentary life

Yes, the hectic life and tight schedules are the ones that might affect your weight. Being overweight is not good for your health and a person who is overweight should know that it converts the testosterone into estrogen and this is one of the reasons due to which sedentary life is said to be the reason behind having erection issues. 

But if you have weight issues and this is the reason behind having Impotence then you can reverse it. A man only has to shed some weight and this can help you lose weight and see the improvement in your erection.


Several times men with diabetes are at risk of having Impotence and hence staying fit is the only reason that can help men. The men those who have diabetes are asked to control the blood sugar as this can really affect your erections. Men those who have Impotence due to diabetes cannot reverse it, the only thing that can help them is medicament. To get more good results help from health care providers can definitely contribute to better results. 

Heart disorder and high cholesterol

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disorder are the disorders wherein the blood flow gets affected. The blood flow in men does get affected and hence achieving an erection or maintaining an erection becomes a bit difficult. The blood flow when is restricted it becomes difficult for men to have an erection the disorder such as cholesterol does create fats in the body and the nerves get narrow due to which adequate amount of blood doesn’t reach the penis and men become unable to have an erection. 


The tobacco content in any consumption form can affect your erection and health. There are number of disorders that can be experienced due to the use of this medicament. The consumption of tobacco does affect your blood flow and hence the erection gets affected. If the blood supply is decreased in the body then achieving or maintaining an erection becomes difficult in men. 

Not only the above mentioned but many other causes can affect your erection and you are recommended to seek help from health care providers rather than jumping to the conclusion

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