How to stretch to relieve pain from various parts of the body?

Sitting in one place for long hours, standing for long hours, hectic schedules have become part of life today. Due to our postures, several men and women are likely to have joint aches and pain. When such pain occurs, patients need to know that the diagnosis is important. Once the diagnosis is done, one can simply order Tapentadol and get relieved from pain. Not only simply exercising during a certain period can help you deal with the pain, but even moving slowly every now and then can help you deal with the pain. 

Stretching is one of the best ways that can help a person to get relief from pain. Below mentioned are small tips that can help the patient to get relieved from pain. 

Relieve pain from your lower back

Lower back pain is something that can be experienced by the people who work in the office as well as by people those who work in an office. Luckily stretching can help the patient to get the lower back pain relieved. If you are at home, then you can have too much stretch on the floor. 

Below mentioned is the stretch that you do from anywhere:
  • Sit in your chair
  • Bring your knee into your chest with the help of hand and grasp the back of the thigh
  • Pull the thigh near your body
  • Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and slowly release your leg back to the floor
  • Do follow same with the other leg

Relieve pain in the shoulder

A lot of different things and activities can lead to pain in the shoulder. People those who have pain in the shoulder can be due to a lot of stress or tweaked muscle due to lifting a heavy object. You need to stretch so that it can help the patient to get relieved from pain. 

Below mentioned stretches can be practiced even from the back seat of your car
  • Take a deep breath and shrugged your shoulders up towards the ears
  • Hold the current position for three seconds
  • Slowly release and also release your shoulder back to the starting position
  • Repeat this for 10 times and you can experience the changes in your pain. 

Relieving the pain from the feet

Foot pain is common in people those who stand for long hours. To beat the food pain one of the best ways is to have an old-fashioned massage. Having someone to rub your feet is much difficult and hence stretching can be practiced. 

Below mentioned things can be practiced 
  • Place one foot in front and one at the back of it
  • With the back foot, tuck your foot and ensure that your back foot is against the floor
  • Gently pressurize your foot until you can feel the stretch along the top of the foot
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and slowly release the position and repeat with another foot

Relieve pain from your wrist

People those who continuously work on computers or laptops are likely to have wrist pain. You can simply do a few stretches and get your pain relieved.

Below mentioned things can be done so that it can help to get relieved wrist pain:
  • Clench the palms into fists
  • Stretch the fists in front of you
  • Make circles in the air with the help of wrists
  • Circle to the right with wrists 10 times and to the left 10 times

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