Does wearing High heels hurt women or result in pain?

High heels are the one which is known and loved by women. Of course, it does add an inch and style to your stature. Even some women are so comfortable wearing heels that they are unable to realize that this creates havoc on the body. When the body of a person is young, it is incredibly resilient and doesn’t have any strain of repetitive pattern. When you are old your body may have gone through a lot of thresholds and if you have worn heels a lot then poor alignment patterns can trigger the painful conditions. Hence, those patients who have various pains due to this can seek a prescription from a health care provider and buy Tapentadol online to get the pain treated.

High heels are the best one which helps women to look an inch high and also add a classy look. While these heels help women look gorgeous certain drawbacks are neglected.


The issue with the high heels is that it causes your body alignment to change when you wear them. When one does wear high heels the whole body’s weight is on your toes, and this causes your body and particularly your pelvis to tilt a little forward. To compensate this and stay upright you may consciously lean back and overarch your back due to this Posture the knee strain, as well as the strain, is caused to hips and low back.

Knee pressure

While one does wear heels it causes anterior loading as well this has an uneven distribution of weight on the front part of the knee. This position can cause knee pain and also there is a risk of having Arthritis.

Nerve compression and pain

The muscles in the calves and lower back may lead to pain and muscle spasm due to the over-wearing of the high heels. When one does wear heels it causes overarch and due to this the head back leans forward Due to which there are chances that neck muscles may strain. Also, women who are heel lovers are likely to experience sciatica. Due to wearing heels for a longer time the pressure is created on sciatic nerves and this happens due to the muscle in the groin and hip flexors tighten, the lower back and gluteal muscles compensate and this leads to chronic spams.

Foot problems

Women who wear high heels are likely to have plantar fasciitis, aggravate bunion and contribute to the other maladies. When one does wear shoes it restricts the natural shape of your foot and causes pain. Additionally, if you are wearing high heels then you are likely to contract Achilles tendon and this can strain your plantar fascia and this leads to painful inflammation of the fibrous tissue.

Mix it up

Ensure that if you do wear high heels then sometimes you do make use of flat shoes. Wearing shoes can help your body to move naturally while you walk and this can also help you stretch and helps to avoid the repetitive damage caused to the body patterns.

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