Common reasons behind having neck pain

It is common for a person to experience neck pain due to day to day activities. The neck is made up of vertebrate that is extended to the skull and the upper torso. The bones between the cervical discs absorb the shock. The bones, ligaments, and muscles of the neck are the one that supports your head and allows you to make a movement. If any abnormalities, inflammation or injury occur in the neck, then you may sense pain in neck or stiffness.

Many people do experience neck pain or stiffness and most of the time is the cause of poor posture. The neck pain issue most of the time is not that serious that one might require medical treatment but at times you may require help from the health care provider. When one does have Pain they can simply make use of an online Nucynta pill and get the pain treated effectively.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons due to which a person may have neck pain.

  1. Muscle tension and strain
  2. This most of the time happens due to the activities or behavior such as
  3. Working at a desk for a long time without changing any position
  4. Jerking the neck while you are performing an exercise
  5. Sleeping with the neck in the wrong position
  6. Poor posture


The neck is usually vulnerable to injury, especially if the person has fallen down, have to meet car accidents or due to sports wherein the ligament or the muscles near the neck may have forced to move outside the normal range. If neck bones are fractured then there are chances that the spinal cord may get damaged.

Heart attack

Those patients who have neck pain may be at the risk of having a heart attack, but it also indicates the other symptoms related to heart attack such as

  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Arm or jaw pain
  • Nausea

If you have neck pain and it is accompanied by other symptoms, then you need to immediately seek medical help.


Meningitis is an inflammation that is caused due to the tissues that are surrounded around the brain and the spinal cords. People who have meningitis are likely to have a fever and a headache which makes the neck stiff and at times the condition may require immediate medical help.

Other causes

Other than the above-mentioned causes below mentioned causes can be the reasons

Rheumatoid arthritis

This causes pain, swelling in the joints and bone spurs and when such conditions occur the neck pain can be experienced.


This condition can weaken the bones and can lead to fractures and this condition may happen in hands or knees, but also there are chances that this may happen in the neck.


This is a condition wherein after a certain age your cervical discs may begin to degenerate. This is known as osteoarthritis or Spondylosis and this can narrow the space between the vertebrae and at times it adds stress to the joints.

Neck pain obviously can be treated, but one needs to ensure that they do not neglect the pain. Even if you have moderate pain and it doesn’t go away within 3-4 days it becomes mandatory to seek medical help.

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