A common malady that may lead to stress

Several times you must have heard people saying “I’m stressed out” and this is the mental feeling of a person who is drained out. The stress starts in the brain, but it further involves the body.

Our bodies are not designed in such a way that it needs to fight mentally or physically and being in chronic stress for a longer time may harm the body in various ways.

Below mentioned are the ways which can destroy the health of the person:

Panic attacks

Most of the patient who has panic attacks may lead to heart attack and below mentioned is some of the indications which indicate panic attacks:

  • Shallow breathing
  • Sweating
  • Weakness or dizziness
  • The feeling of acute fear
  • Tingling of the arms, hands, and legs

If one does come across frequent panic attacks, then it is suggested that one does seek help from the health care providers. Pain attacks disturb life and also at times they are intractable.

Shoulder or Neck pain

Whenever the brain senses something wrong, it begins to activate flight or fight response which causes muscle tension and bodily discomfort. This muscle tension causes other muscles to get tensed. The muscle which is near the neck preferably gets tensed and causes the pain. Chronic stress is one of the reasons due to which a person can feel stress or pain in the shoulder.


People who have insomnia are asked to order online Zopiclone for treatment, but they do neglect the reason behind the stress. People who have stress may have to deal with the inability to sleep properly or disturbed sleep. Insomnia does not mean that a person may have a sleepless night, but it refers to an ongoing interruption in sleeping patterns. Those people who have the occasional sleepless night might find it annoying while they have to deal with insomnia. Chronic sleep deprivation may lead to conditions such as health problems, decreased immunity and high blood pressure.

Heart disorder

Everyone is familiar to the scene wherein a man receives a call and then clutches his chest with the hand and then drops down the head. Have you ever thought that this can be real, but yes this can be real? If a person has chronic stress, then there are chances that a person may develop a heart disorder and this is known as broken heart syndrome due to which the heart gets damaged. Untreated stress can affect you in many other ways and can narrow the coronary arteries.

Stress is a natural part of life and one need not build it up and hurt the health. One way to stay on top of the stress is to know what triggers you and then tries to avoid it. If you wish to disrupt the stress cycle, then you do something which causes physical stress, such as stretching and this can help you divert your mind. Also, if you find that you are unable to deal with the stress, then you can simply seek help from the health care providers.

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