Home remedies to get muscle strain and sprain treated

Muscle injuries are the most common type of injuries which can be experienced by athletes. Non-athletes also do face the problem of muscle strain and sprain and this invites a lot of pain in a person. There are two reasons due to which a common person can have muscle strain and sprain, the one is a muscle stretch gets beyond its limit and the other is it is contracted with too much force. When a person is feeling the pain it is possible to get the pain treated with the remedy such as online Tapentadol.

Home remedies to get muscle sprain and strain treated

If the muscle pain is on a lower scale than to seek the relief one can follow the given routine. As per the medical terms, these steps are called a R.I.C.E approach and these are to be used for 24-48 hours. Also, do ensure that this method is used only if you have a lower end of the pain scale.


Those people who suffer from muscle strain are asked to avoid physical activities. Due to minor stains, one needs to avoid performing any of the physical activities which can increase the pain and swelling for a week. The amount of rest taken completely depends upon the level of discomfort. If the person is usually active then it is possible the strain to the lower back or hamstring can make it difficult to perform the other activities. When you have such strains do make sure that you do not push yourself to get into physical work as this can worsen the condition more.


As soon as you feel that your muscle is strained, then you can grab an ice pain. If you do not have an ice pack, then do ensure that you do soak yourself in the ice water. You are supposed to apply ice for 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours and this routine is to be followed for the initial days when you do experience the injury. Ice helps to reduce inflammation and swelling as well this is the best pain reliever which helps to manage the pain caused due to strain.


Compression also helps the patient to reduce the swelling and this can be done with elastic wrap and boot. If you wrap your injury too high, then you can interfere with the risk of circulation. To avoid such things you need to start wrapping far from your heart. If you tie it too tight there are chances that you may start to feel numb and hence you may require to loosen it up.


This is the final step of R.I.C.E and the injured muscle must elevate above your heart as much as possible. It is difficult in certain strains to elevate it to some degree, but you need to try this.

If the method of R.I.C.E doesn’t work for you and if the injury is severe then you need to seek medical help to get it treated.

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