Can insomnia be a genetic issue?

As known in most people insomnia is a disorder that affects the sleep of a person. A person is said to have insomnia when he/she is unable to have a sleep during the night or do wake up at night frequently. This is a disorder that can be seen in a number of people such as housewives, businessmen, and many other people. Insomnia when it hits the patient, it is necessary that an effective remedy is being used to get this disorder treated effectively. When disorder such as insomnia does affect the patient using Zopiclone online proves to be one of the best options.

As per the researchers, it is said that insomnia at times can be hereditary. The DNA of a person is the one that decides the color or skin, hair and eyes. Often insomnia is genetic for some and some it is hereditary.

The connection

Today, due to stress the most of the people do have insomnia, but as per the researchers there are certain genes in some people, which increases the stress-reactivity and this increased stress response increases the likelihood of poor sleep and may result in insomnia. People who have a poor sleep need to know that their sleeping pattern affects the normal function of the genes and leaves you stuck in a sleep-deprived vicious circle.

Genes are also the ones that involve deciding how much sleep you need. Also, as per the genes of a person, there can be six or more different types of insomnia linked to genes. Only one week of sleep deprivation can have an effect on 711 different genes. 

If a person does have a habit of sleeping during the day, then it may disturb approximately one-third of your genes.

The disruption can have an effect on your circadian rhythm and genes are the one that carries the function of the body and tells your body when to sleep and performs another function that includes stress, inflammation, and many other functions. As genes are the important part of the body, they are the one who regulates the proteins in the body and these proteins make up the chemical signal and hormones that regulate the body and affects many other processes such as sleep.

Do you think your DNA affects your sleep?

Genetic testing is done if something scares you and the best way to know whether it is hereditary or not you need to talk to your relatives. Talk to as many relatives as you can and this can help you find the people having insomnia in your home. If you do find anyone with insomnia in your relatives then you can even ask them remedies that can help you treat insomnia.

Consult your health care provider

Insomnia can be hereditary and hence it is necessary that you must consult a health care provider to know the right reason and treatment to get the disorder treated.

Practice meditation or yoga before half an hour of going to sleep and this can help you overcome the stress response of insomnia caused due to genes.

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