How much sleep does a person require each night?

You must be surely eating a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals and also you must be exercising 20 minutes. But are you sure that you can get enough sleep? As per the search, it was concluded that sleep is key to the physical and emotional vitality of human beings. But what confuses the most is how much hours of sleep is needed by a person? The sleep of a person depends upon the age and the stage of development. Sleep is one of the important functions which helps to stay alert, enhances mood and physical health. Most of the people are unable to have sleep due to insomnia and when such disorder affects the person they can online buy Zopiclone and get the disorder treated.

Too much sleep or too much poor quality of sleep can affect the mental as well as the emotional health of the patient. Accompanied by sleep loss, there are several changes that body handles.

Sleep needs change over the years

How much sleep is required by your body to stay healthy, alert and active completely depends on upon the age and also does vary from one person to another? Most of the adults do require a sleep of seven to eight hours each night.

As per the researchers the ideal amount of sleep, which is required by a person according to age is as follows:

  • Age group between 0-3 years (newborns) - 14-17 hours of sleep
  • Age group between 4-11 months (infants) - 12-15 hours
  • Age group between 1-2 years (toddlers) -11-14 hours of sleep
  • Age group between 3-5 years (preschoolers) - 10-13 hours of sleep
  • Age group between 6-13 years (school-aged children) -9-11 hours
  • Age group between 14-17 years (teenagers) -8-10 hours of sleep
  • Age group between 18-25 years (young adults) - 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Age group between 26-64 years (adults) -7-9 hours
  • Age group between 65 years and older (older adults) -7-8 hours of sleep

Gender to have to affect the sleeping pattern of a person

Men and women both do require a sleep of 7-8 hours, but women do require more sleep and also the pattern differs from person to person. Women do have a lighter sleep due to which it easily gets disrupted and most women do have an undiagnosed sleeping disorder.

Problems that can disrupt the women’s sleeping pattern include depression, hormonal changes or pregnancy.  At times the medical conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain are also the reasons.

Men, as well as women, interrupted sleep due to job-related stress. Men also do lose sleep due to divorce, employment, and money. Some other causes also include sleeping disorder, substance abuse, medical problem related to the heart and depression.
Snoring is also one of the factors which may prevent you from getting an adequate amount of sleep. Nearly 90 million patients do snore and the reason behind this can be gender. Men usually do have air passages that are narrower as compared to women and this results in snoring.

Both men and women require improving the quality of sleep by adopting few sleep practices. If you are unable to do so, then you can seek help from professionals.

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