Causes behind chronic insomnia

Insomnia is a common disorder wherein a person finds it hard or difficult to fall asleep. After waking up the person with insomnia feel tired. It doesn’t only make you feel tired, but also can affect your energy level, mood, work performance and quality of life. Most of the adults do require eight hours of sleep and sleep can help one feel energetic and ready for the next day.

Insomnia is associated with other medical conditions and people do have acute as well as chronic insomnia. It is necessary that when this disorder is diagnosed it is being treated effectively. People can simply buy online Zopiclone and get the insomnia disorder treated.

Symptoms of having a disorder

  • Waking up in mid from sleep
  • Not waking up fresh after sleep
  • Irritability, tiredness or sleepiness throughout the day
  • Difficulty paying attention or difficulty focusing on the tasks


Insomnia can be a primary problem or can be associated due to other medical conditions. Chronic insomnia can result in stress, life events or habit of disrupting sleep. Following are some of the common reasons behind people have insomnia.


Due to a hectic life, showing more concern about work, school, finances or family can keep your mind, even active during the night and this hampers your sleep. Sometimes even the death of the loved one or job loss can be the reason behind a person having insomnia.

Work schedule

Sleep-wake cycle, metabolism and body temperature of the body are being guided by the circadian rhythm which is the internal clock. When this circadian rhythm is being disrupted it leads to insomnia. One of the reasons is constant change in shifts or late or early work schedules.

Poor sleeping habits

Activities such as irregular sleep schedules, naps, uncomfortable sleep environment, using the bed for work, watching computers, mobiles or T.V before sleeping and many other reasons can interfere with the sleep cycle. Having a poor sleeping habit can affect your sleep and one must adopt healthy sleeping habits which can help to have improved sleep.

Eating too much late in the evening

People do like to munch light snacks before going to bed. Munching light snacks are okay, but eating too much during the night can make you feel physically uncomfortable while you are lying. Many people also do face the problem of heartburn, a backflow of acid and sometimes there are chances that food may come back from stomach to esophagus when you wake up.

Mental health disorder

An anxiety disorder can affect the sleep of a person. Awakening too early is the sign of depression and insomnia often occur with other mental health disorder.


The MEDs which are prescribed to you by your health care provider for the treatment of asthma or blood pressure can sometimes hinder your sleep. Also, the anti-depressants which are used can affect the sleep and this result in insomnia.

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol

Lots of people do have a habit of consuming caffeine throughout the day and even during bedtimes. The excess consumption of caffeine has a negative effect on sleep. Nicotine in tobacco is the one which is another stimulant and which interferes the sleep in the human being. Alcohol helps one to sleep, but the same alcohol doesn’t allow a person to enter the deeper stage of sleep and often the person wakes up in the middle of the night. 

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