The facts and myths about erection problem

Erectile dysfunction makes men unable to have and maintain an erection. This is a problem which is faced by millions of men and this problem need a treatment otherwise it can further ruin the love life of the couples. Many of the doctors prescribe men to order online levitra, generic viagra and many other ED pills for the treatment. As this is a very difficult topic which men cannot discuss with anyone there are many of the misconceptions that still exist.

Following are the myths that people trust in:

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is a part of aging process.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is mostly found in men with increasing age but this doesn’t mean that other men cannot have an erection problem. This disorder is now a day’s also been associated in young men. This disorder in young men is found due to stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes alcohol and smoke can also be the reasons. This malady should be treated and also can also be treated with the help of medication easily.

Myth: Only men’s life can face the impact of ED.

Fact: ED problem is not only felt by men but also by the partner. This erection problem completely ruins the life of the couples. This disorder can create a feeling of inadequacy, low-esteem and can also sometimes lead to depression. If the problem is not discussed with the partner then there are more chances that relationship may get into more danger.

Myth: Only medications like generic viagra, levitra and cialis are the options to treat this erotic malady.

Fact: Not only medication but there are also many other options like transplant and injections which you can use. Change in lifestyle, losing weight, quitting smoke and alcohol and also medication can affect men’s erection. Hence if you change your bad habits that can affect your erection then you can experience the improvement in erection.

Myth: While having erection having trouble indicates ED.

Fact:  Like women, men are also not always ready to have sex. Sometimes fatigue, personal problem, anxiety, worry and many other things affect men’s ability to have an erection. Hence not having erection or erection problem occasionally can happen due to other reasons. You only need to worry if it happens again and again.

Myth: Erection problem is not dangerous but it is only a personal problem.

Fact: Well it is to an extent true. Erectile dysfunction is not dangerous but the other medical conditions which contribute to it like high blood pressure and heart disease can prove to be dangerous if not treated within time. Hence it is important that you treat your erection problem and also the medical condition which contributes to it leading your life in danger.

Myth: Using herbal supplements can treat erectile dysfunction rather than visiting a doctor.

Fact: There are no such herbal supplements which can completely treat your erection problem. Sometimes using this herbal supplements can also lead to negative effects. Before you use any of the herbal remedies make sure that you crosscheck them with your healthcare provider.

The better option which can help you treat your erectile dysfunction is discuss it with your doctor and do seek a proper treatment for it. Relying on myths will not help you to know the symptoms of erection problem.

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