Use natural remedies to improve your erection

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the major challenge for many of the men in today’s life. This disorder happens due to many of problems like stress, anxiety, health conditions, mental problems, smoking, boozing, drugs, and medication. This is a treatable disorder which is easy to treat with medication. Many of the men around the globe order online generic Levitra and use it for the treatment. The medications that are used for treatment are tough best still you need to follow some of the natural remedies so that disorder can be cured.

Following are some of the cures which you can follow to improve your erection:


There are many of the cures but regularly doing exercise can prove to be more for your health. Doing exercise on regular basis helps improve the blood flow in the body due to which the nitric oxide in the blood vessels increases. The exercise also works the way the medication works. Hence practicing exercise on daily basis can help you to improve your erection.

Healthy diet:

The food you eat a direct impact on your erection. Sometimes your eating habits can also have a negative effect on your erection. Hence to improve your erection it is important that you intake a proper amount of rich food like fruits, veggies, whole grain and make sure that you intake less amount of red meat and refined grains. Consuming this food can help to lower the risk of having erectile dysfunction. A healthy diet can help you to maintain a is important. Due to increase in weight men can have vascular disease and diabetes and these both contribute to an problem.


                The poor sleeping pattern can contribute to an erection problem. Due to having improved sleep the level of the testosterone increases and lower level of testosterone indicate erection problem. Sleeping can also help you to relieve the stress.

Restrict smoking:

Smoking the important and major which contribute to erectile dysfunction. If erection problem is due to vascular disease then this is due to blockage which doesn’t allow the blood to flow in the . Smoking causes the narrowing of the blood this can have a impact on your as well as erection. If you do smoke then this can be the . smoke can help you to improve the .

Limit on consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol can cause erection problem for temporary as well as -term. The nervous system in the body is responsible for releasing the nitric maintain the erection. After you consume heavy alcohol the central nervous system gets and it functions less. If the required amount of nitric oxide is not released it becomes impossible for the men to have an erection.


Sometimes erectile dysfunction is also a side effect of the medication that you are using for the treatment of other disorder. Sometimes the anti-depressant pills and high blood pressure pills are also the reason why men have dysfunction. If you think that medications can be the reason behind erection problem then you need to talk to your doctor.

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