Other diseases contributing erectile dysfunction

It is not very easy for a man to discuss about the erectile dysfunction. But you can discuss it with someone you trust as this is the common problem which is nowadays been experienced by men. The number of men facing erectile dysfunction has increased due to the habits of smoking and boozing. This problem is worst if it ruins the sexual life of the couple. As a treatment for erectile dysfunction men around the globe order generic viagra online. This is one of the trusted and best medications which can help you treat the problem of erection. Not only boozing and smoking can affect your erection but there are also many of the other disorder which can affect your erection

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused due to following reasons:


                   Erectile dysfunction is mostly accompanied by diabetes. If you have high blood sugar then it can result in damaging your nerves which can affect the men’s ability to have or maintain an erection.  Diabetes can also sometimes give rise to the problem of circulation due to which enough of blood doesn’t flow to the penis to have an erection. Diabetes patients are at most risk of having heart problem due to which they are unable to use medication like generic viagra for treatment. This doesn’t mean that you cannot treat it you can switch to other options.


                    Prostate cancer on its own is not the cause due to which erection gets affected. The treatment used for prostate cancer is the reason due to which men can have erectile dysfunction. The radiant treatment, hormones, and surgery are the major parts which are included in the treatment of prostate cancer and this treatment affects your erection. Sometimes the erection problem caused due to prostate cancer may be temporary.


                       Coronary artery disease is found in 70 percent of people and this is most of the time accompanied by erectile dysfunction. The arteries which are in the penis are very small and due to heart disease, they get affected. Due to blockage keeping an erection or having an erection is mostly affected.


                     Parts of the nervous system, hormones, and blood flow work together so that you can get and help to maintain an erection. All these are affected due to kidney disease. Certain medications which are used for treating this disorder can sometimes be the reason for erectile dysfunction. This problem can be sorted by altering the medications used for the treatment.


                   Parkinson’s Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis and temporal lobe epilepsy can also sometimes contribute to erection problems. This is because this disorder interferes with the ability of the brain to communicate a sexual desire to the reproductive system.

Not treating erectile dysfunction can lead to stress, anxiety and many other problems so it is important that you treat this disorder. If you are unable to use medication due to other disorder then you can use some of the natural remedies which can help you gain your erection again. Cutting down alcohol and tobacco to some extent can help you to come up with erectile dysfunction.

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