There are many different types of pain and there are different ways to treat them. Most of the people buy tramadol online and many other painkillers so that they can treat the problem of pain. Treating any type of pain is important and in our daily routine, most of the people find the problem of lower back pain. This lower back pain if not treated then it can cause you many problems in future.

Following are some of the habits which can help you to tackle the lower back pain problem:

You should try to work from home:

                Though working from home option is not always but whenever you can stick to it, use it.  Working from home brings you a lot of advantages. While you are working from home you can take breaks and can even stretch so that you don’t remain in the same posture for a long time. Even if you are working in office make sure that your neck and back get the proper support so that no damage is caused to your spinal cord. You can make some of the changes in a workstation so that you do not have the risk of developing neck and back problem.

You sit in one place for a long time:

              Sitting for a long time is a too tough and it also doesn’t allow the muscles to contract and expand due to which you may have the problem of lower back pain. Sitting in one position for a long time leaves us in forwarding motion due to which our spines arched forward due to which pain problem occurs. To get it sorted you need to walk after frequent intervals, you can do exercise every day on the exercise ball which can help you to contract and expand the muscle movement on regular basis.

Carrying a heavy weighted purse:

              It is said that your purse should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight. But still many of the women carry all the stuff that is not required. All this weight of the stuff can force your body to shift the posture which can toll on your back. For this, you need to daily clear the stuff on a regular basis so that your purse doesn’t contain more stuff which can create imbalance and may lead to lower back pain.

You don’t exercise on regular basis:

               Exercising on regular basis doesn’t mean high-intensity workout. Just walks can do the wonders. Some people also misunderstand that exercising can affect your back pain in a negative way but exercising on regular basis can help to lower the risk of back pain. You can also include back-strengthing exercise so that it can help you to lower the back pain.

You are having too much stress:

               Stress brings in all types of problem. It also can sometimes lead to the problem of lower back pain. Even studies have proved that having stress can also lead to the problem of lower back pain. To fix this problem you can practice some relaxing technique so that it can help you to reduce the level of stress.

You are not using the right pillow:

              Even if you are not using the right pillow it can lead to a lower back problem. To prevent the back you should make sure that you head is lower than your neck and it helps you to relax and doesn’t make you feel uneasy. If you are not using the proper pillow then it can strain head and neck which can damage your spine.

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