Maintain your body strong at all ages

It is very difficult to imagine ourselves in old age. But as our age increase we begin to experience mild as well as severe body pain in different parts of our bodies. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to cope up with these pains. Therefore, most of us prefer to buy tramadol online to get effective as well as fast pain relief. Tramadol is a natural painkiller for management of moderate and severe pain caused by your health condition. Though tramadol, can be used at all ages but the relief can be only for few days and not for lifelong. In order to get it for lifelong natural yoga or exercises are suggested.

Here we come across some exercises that will help to maintain your body strong at all ages and you can travel the entire world without a walker.

1.Upper body exercise

Upper body exercise is best to maintain upper body strength. Push-up is suggested as best upper-body exercise. Both wall push-up and floor push-ups are recommended. The best way to do this is 10 times on walls and 10 times on the floor.

2.Core exercise

This exercise is recommended as which help to strengthen and builds endurance in key core muscles. As this exercise can be practiced by lying down the face (on a yoga mat or carpet), then resting on your forearms with your elbows tucked into your sides. Then raise your body on forearms and toes. Next, hold on the straight line for 20 to 30 seconds. Then being careful then let not your knees and hips sink or to lower or to raise head out of line with your back. It is best if you gradually build up the duration until you hold for more seconds. It is advisable to do it daily four times.

3.Knee exercise

It is important to target hamstring muscles with a simple leg curl. The exercise that works is lies on your stomach then slowly brings your tight heel toward to your bum. Then again slowly return it to the floor. Now repeat the same move with left leg. It is advisable to do ten times with each leg every day.

Also, work with your gluteus muscles with a leg lift. For doing this exercise lie on stomach and then lift your one leg straight out behind you. So that your thigh is off the floor and then return to the floor. It is also adviced to do ten times with each leg per day.

4.Pelvis exercise

The two recommended exercise for pelvic muscles are first is lie on back with bent knee and feet on the floor. Then smoothly draw in lower belly muscles as you may be wearing a girdle or corset. Then next, hold for a count of five then slowly release. It is suggested to do 10 times twice a day.

The second exercise is that you lie on your back and then lift your internal pelvic in and up (remember that your hips don’t actually come off the floor) till the count of five. Then slowly lower the count of five and then again repeat the same as often as possible during a day.

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