Remedies to Treat Pain naturally along with the medication

People suffering from chronic pain should make sure that you intake good and healthy diet. Chronic pain can be treated by having a proper diet, regular exercise, and control of stress. You can also buy tramadol to treat your pain, as it belongs to the narcotic analgesics and helps to treat pain. Natural ways being slow if the pain level is too high for SOS it is suggested to take Tramadol. Tramadol pill helps by reacting on the brain by making the less pain felt by the brain. This medication is a proven drug to treat the pain. You need to intake this pill after every 4-6hour as per your pain. As these medications have more benefits it also has some side effects like trouble in breathing, dizziness, drowsiness. Anything that cures using a natural way helps people to have more benefits and no side effects.


               Massage is the best remedy which helps you treat the pain. As compared to painkillers and other medications, massage is the best remedy which helps you treat pain in a natural and effective way. Massage helps to treat pain by working on inflammation. Massage therapies help in treating muscle spasms and pain after surgery, pain, and anxiety in cancer patients and also reduces post-traumatic headaches.


                 People who do exercise on regular basis and are used to aerobics will always have the improved condition of pain. When we do exercise our body releases kind of painkiller like endorphins and hormones which increases the pain threshold and reacts in the brain which changes our perception towards pain.


                   Turmeric has the active ingredient in it which is curcumin which helps to lower the level of enzymes which causes inflammation. Turmeric has natural properties to cure pain hence it can be safely used to treat pain. Turmeric helps you to treat the pain of sprain, strains and joint inflammation. It also helps to improve the blood circulation and prevents blood clotting. Turmeric supplements are also available.


                    Alike exercise, mediation is also a way which helps you to treat pain. Mediation is a simple mental exercise which helps to concentrate. If you do not understand what to practice then do the following things:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and place your tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth.
  • Exhale the breath completely.
  • Close your mouth and inhale through your nose till the count of four
  • Now hold your breath until the count of seven
  • Now exhale breath again through the mouth to the count of eight.
  • Now repeat this for three more times.

This meditation will help you to boost the blood flow and will divert your mind from pain and change the perception towards pain.

Heat and ice:

                           This is the most used remedy when you have pain. But people face a problem because most of the time they are confused between when to apply ice and when to apply heat. If you have inflammation and swelling you need to use an ice pack and whenever you experience stiffness you need to use a heat pack.


           Diet helps you to treat pain in a better manner. You should include ginger, turmeric, red grapes, olive oil in food because these things help you reduce the pain.

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