Important emergency care for Heart Attacks

Heart Attack occurs when there is a sudden blockage of an artery. It supplies blood to overall part of the heart. The flow of oxygen that is required for heart muscles get blocked. If the flow of blood is not quickly restored, then the blood cell begins to die. A heart attack can be treated only if the treatment is given on right time. It is necessary to take emergency care for heart attacks.

There may be many reasons for a heart attack to occur in the human body. Some of the common reasons are as follow:

  • When man and women cross certain age limit. Such, as when women are above the age of 55 and man is over 45 ages.
  • Due to obesity in human body.
  • The smoking habit may also lead to heart attack.
  • Sometimes, due to some stress.

As there are the above common reasons due to which heart attack can occur in human begins. There are also some natural and common symptoms that are mostly found. Most common symptoms of heart attack are as follow:

  • Feeling pain and discomfort in the chest.
  • Pain and discomfort in body shoulder, arms, necks, jaws and upper body back.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling tightness and squeezing in the chest.
  • Breathing problem
  • Normal headedness and dizziness.
  • A cough
  • Sudden Sweating etc.

Prevention of heart attacks:

One can prevent heart attack in the best way. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent a heart attack. Following are some of the ways by which healthy life is maintained and to prevent a heart attack:

  • Have daily balanced and healthy diet
  • Maintain body health by daily exercise.
  • Have a proper and enough sleep.
  • Avoid harmful consumption of cigarettes and other drugs. Hence, avoid smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol intake.
  • Maintain blood Cholesterol of body.
  • Proper control of diabetes.
  • Maintain blood pressure at normal level.
  • Maintain normal body weight.
  • Avoid dealing with stress
  • Overcome stress in a best possible way.
  • Avoid harmful drugs consumption for a healthy body.

These above mention way for prevention of a heart attack also help to prevent other diseases. Keep regular follow up of this prevention.

Emergency treatment for heart attack is:

The emergency treatments for heart attack is important to be taken are as follow:

  • Immediate dealing with chest pain and shock.
  • Preventing heart muscles damaged and restoring the flow of blood.

There are various treatments for emergency heart attack:

  1. Pain and shock treatment
  • Strong pain relieving drug injection. This drug is known as morphine.
  • To tackle a breathing problem, oxygen therapy is given. Hence, this helps to get enough oxygen to the body.
  • Sickness and nausea and other symptoms are cured by providing the proper drug.
  1. Chest pain treatment in heart attack

Breathing problem in heart attack occurs. Then, cardiopulmonary resuscitation process will be started immediately. The process is as follow:

  • Use of manual chest compressions.
  • Also a use of a defibrillator.
  1. Other treatment for heart attack

 This may include:

  • The help of aspirin and other antiplatelets.
  • Beta-blockers use.etc


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