Sexually transmitted diseases are those disease that is been spread by the sexual activity. This diseases or infections are spread due to sexual activity. A proper care should be taken so that it is not been spread.


                         This disease is been caused when you come in contact with another person sexually. These infections are mostly spread due to intercourse, vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. Through sexual activity, most of the bacteria virus are been transferred from one body to another. This disease in women may lead to a pregnancy problem. This also leads to many of the other diseases. Due to the sexually transmitted disease, many of infections are been transmitted some of them are curable and some of them are incurable. This disease is been transferred from one person to another. The main way to avoid this disease is by not interacting sexually with someone.


                        Vaginal discharge, penile discharge, ulcers are the symptoms which show that person is going through this disease. But not in every case. There are many cases wherein the disease is been transferred from the person who doesn’t have symptoms, it happens because the signs of this disease don’t occur immediately. This disease may even lead to death sometime. Some of the sexually transmitted disease cannot be cured and hence leads to infertility, chronic pain and sometimes may even lead your life to danger


                             To avoid such diseases you need to take measures. The best to avoid transmission of disease is by avoiding more sexual activity. To avoid this disease you can use condoms. You can avoid contact with body parts. Using a condom can reduce the risk of spreading this disease but to some extent. You can also take sexually transmitted disease test to come across that are you having such disease or not. These diseases are not been analyzed soon after you been intimated it takes a time to analyze this type of disease. Vaccinations are available for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.


                       Some of the time we use some home remedy and try to cure our infections but this infection is contagious, serious and cannot be treated home. Hence you need to consult a doctor. The medication prescribed by doctors should be followed regularly and shouldn’t be avoided even the symptoms are gone. Medication for Hepatitis B is available. Another sexual disease can also be treated by medication to an extent. A sexual disease which is caused due to bacteria can be cured easily, but the infection which has occurred virally cannot be treated and no cure is available for it. While you are curing the infection you should remember that you do not come in contact with anyone sexually. If the medication provided by the doctors and are heavy you should consult your doctor so that he can make you available with short dose. Antibiotics are made available to the patients who have an infection due to bacteria but antiviral drugs are given to patients who have viral infections.  An antiviral drug can reduce the risk of life for years but it cannot be completely cured and even it can be easily transmitted through your body.

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