Nowadays we are coming up with the term dehydration which means it is just all about losing an amount of water from the body. People take it lightly but it’s very necessary to intake a proper amount of water on daily basis. People come up with the myths of water. Due to dehydration a lot of problems is faced by our body like gas, indigestion, blood pressure any of problems.

Following are the myths we need to come up with

1. People have a wrong side of thinking that dehydration only occurs when the body does not intake water for many days which is completely wrong. The body needs to be kept hydrated on regular basis otherwise it affects the body negatively. Keeping your body hydrated helps your health to be in good condition. Consuming lots of water in a day helps you in digestion process as well as it also flushes out indigested things out of your body.

2. You need to drink at least 8glass of water: people in today's trend enjoy having meat on daily basis but it really affects the water quantity in our body. People are suggested to intake food like vegetables, fruits because they contain water which is essential for our body. It is not necessary to consume 8 glasses of water but including fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you to maintain the water level in your body. Consuming less amount of water affects your body in a negative way then why not to consume more water and keep yourself away from bad effects.


3. Beverages, cold drinks are created equally: Crowd thinks that drinking beverages or cold drinks help them to increases the water level in body but mostly such beverages and cold drinks are the one which dehydrates our body. Such cold drinks, beverages contain lots of amount of acid alike water they also travel from each and every part of our body and due to such things our body is facing problems of the kidney. After consuming such drinks the amount of water we consume only flushes out a few toxic substances from our body, hence if you want to intake any fluid stick to only water not to any other fluid because consuming such thinks not only makes body toxic but also dehydrates the body.

4. Dehydration being noticed only when thirsty: Being thirsty is a good symbol where you come to know that your body needs hydration, but like thirsty; headache, stomach pain also indicates the dehydration of the body. Drinking water only when you are thirsty can only hydrate your body for some time. If you keep drinking water after some internals its good; it shouldn’t be the thirstiness who makes you alert to drink water .You by yourself should know how much of water does your body require.

5. Dehydration means only drinking water: Hydrating your body means not only consuming water but there should be a proper balance between the minerals, acids consumed. Hydrating you body means hydrating your tissues, bloodstreams, cells. Sometimes it happens that you consume a lot of water but still you get dehydrated. It’s just because the 95% of the water we consume is being used for digestion process and for cell. Even the cells in our body require water so that they work properly in our body. Including lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts in your diet will help your body to be moisturized.

6. Clean urine is a sign of good health: hydration and color of urine are related. If urine has a dark color it means your body requires a water to be intake. The color of the urine depends on the amount of water that kidney mixes with solid. Urine when flushed out of body all the toxics, sodium, salts are being released. You need to increase the amount of water intake when your urine smells foul, tint in color; it indicates that your body requires water.

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