Tadalis SX is a pill basically used for treating erectile dysfunction from a man. This particular disorder is something where a person faces issues or problems in his erection. A person should also make sure that they get over their issue of erectile dysfunction as soon as they get over this issue of erectile dysfunction from their life. Impotence or erectile dysfunction makes a person quite helpless as it not only ruins his personal relationship but also makes sure that the mental health of the person is ruined completely. Erectile dysfunction is harmful but not some disease. It might make a person helpless but is not dangerous. It is called as a disorder but not some disease. This medical condition needs to be cured of as soon as you get to know about it. It is not a common disorder so do not take it lightly when you find yourself facing this issue instead contact your doctor about it for immediate treatment for it.


The dosage pattern is quite easy to understand as you do not need to do much about it. Make sure you take the pill as per the advice of your doctor and not as per your own convenience. People who are sad to be physically fit can only take these pills and not the ones who are weak. The initial dosage or the common dosage for the people suffering from erectile dysfunction is said to be 10-20mg which is for 3 to 4days. Make sure that you take the medicine about 60minutes prior to making love with your partner as it is beneficial in terms of effects as you can enjoy a better sexual activity then. If you do not find any possible results in yourself then do not panic after the consultation of your doctor you can raise the amount of doses of the pills.

Possible safety measures which needs to be followed

Safety is the first essential part which needs to be followed by a person. Before starting up with any treatment make sure that you know each and everything about the pills and then go for the treatment. Avoid taking this medicine with the help of a heavy meal which includes quite cheesy stuffs in it or the meal which includes a lot of spices in it. This is crucial because such meals usually lower down the effects of the medicine. A man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can only have these pills. Other men cannot have these pills on daily basis. If a person is facing any negative results out of the pill then the usage should be stopped immediately and instant help should be taken from your health guide. If a person is opting for such a treatment then they should make sure that intake of alcohol and smoking of cigarettes should be prohibited. Many a times it happens to be that the medicine is allergic to the consumer or the components of the medicine or the drug are proved to the allergic for the health or for the skin of the man so in such cases he is simply asked to stop consuming the pills to avoid any further harm to his health. Apart from all this make sure you do not take an over dose. Make sure that the pills are not expired so before consuming make sure that you check the expiry date as well.


Stomach ache, head ache, blockage in the nasal, pain in the back, chest ache, body ache, nausea, sleepiness, faintness, etc.


Storing the product properly is quit essential so a person should follow the storage guidelines properly. The pills should not come in contact with children, women, sunlight or heat. They should be stored in room temperature.

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