Obesity simply means being fat. In more simple words a healthy or an over weighted person is said to be an obese. Obesity generally is hereditary. Obesity is from birth itself to some people where as some become obese due to over eating and laziness. Being fat is not an issue but being over weighted might make you appear ugly and cause your physical body a lot of problems. Obesity is a condition which a person cannot get over so easily. An obese should not only depend on the medicines which help them out to reduce to a normal weight but should get indulged into several other activities which can prove to be more effective and show better results.

Obese people tend to have more and more disorders to them as a fat body ought to be prone to many diseases. Not many of them accept the fact that a fat body can lead to some serious conditions in their life. One should consult a physician for solving this purpose.

There are many causes for having a fat body. Laziness is the first one. Today’s generation is more into phones and computers rather than going out and experiencing everything by themselves. Sitting at one place and eating whole day long would definitely make you fat and lazy. Not doing proper exercise or yoga can be another reason. There are people who completely avoid going to gym or exercising or even opting for yoga which is bad. But not many cases hold this reason. In some cases the causes for obesity is their gene. Some people become obese due to hereditary a factor that is they might have got this fat body from their parents or someone elder to him or her in their family. In many cases the reason for obesity is hereditary.

Obesity can be prevented only if one decides to do so with proper dedication. If one controls their eating habits that is bringing changes into their eating habits and indulging more into exercising, yoga and walks rather than sitting at home and chilling in front of the television or your computers. Diet controlling habits usually involves controlling to have those foods which involves more and more fats into it which makes a person more obese. One can opt for medications along with a proper diet. If all these factors are not helpful then one can opt for surgery.

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