A weighted body is said to be the house of problems. Overweight or obesity is said to be a very serious issue in so many people these days. Many of them are quite in problem because of this particular disorder. People generally look out for solutions with the help of medicines, some other treatment or some even go for surgeries to reduce the fat in them. Not man y can afford such surgeries and surgeries are not advisable all the time it can only lead you to another problems in your body which again has to be cured. So its better never opt for any kind of surgery for reducing weight in your body.

An over weighted body can lead a man to so many problems such as diabetes, high level of blood pressure and many such problems so a [person should either maintain a good diet or if the diet is not proper or you are facing obesity in your life then it is the high time when you need to start looking for a treatment or for a treatment where you would definitely lose your weight.

People say that medicines do not have any possible effect on the body of a person and does not shows any possible results in your weight but that’s really not true. We have this amazing medicine which helps you in reducing the weight or the fat which you have gained and does not lets you disappoint with any of its negative results in you.

Xenical is a very famous drug for weight loss in any of the people be it a man or a lady or anyone. Xenical is also termed as orlistat by many people. This medicine makes sure that you definitely lose weight and never lets you gain more weight in your life if a proper diet is been followed along with the medicine. It absorbs all the fat from your body and ensures that you are left with no excessive fat within yourself. You need to take a drop of this medicine along with or within any calorie diet you have on daily basis.

A proper dosage pattern must be followed while taking this particular medicine. The quantity should not be more or not less, it should be in proper quantity so for this you will have to consult a good doctor for it and keep in touch because at any point you will require their assistance. Orlistat is said to eaten up for about 3 times in a day with a meal which should not carry fats more that 30%. If it happens that the meal carries more fat then the medicine will be of no use. You will have to take this medicine either with your meal or within an hour after you have taken your meal.

The dosage pattern for the adults is said to be 120 mg. You need to make sure that the food along with which you will be having this meal must have some amount of fat in it. 

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